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The 3rd Week of August

What’s up everybody? How was your week? It was a great week for Frank and me. We had some great guests on the podcast and recorded some great interviews. One of our guests was Jonathan Cloud, a successful Houston native and single father of one. We talked about his keys to success in navigating corporate America. We also talked about how his relationship with his dad has influenced how he raises his son, as well as what he does differently.

We were also joined by John and Jameka Spencer, a married couple living in Denver, Colorado. John is an Assistant Principal for a middle school, and Jameka is a Vice President for a major manufacturing company. Jameka shared her story of moving up the ranks of corporate America as a black woman. We talked with John about his role as Assistant Principal and his passion for diversity in the school system. We also had some interesting conversations about legal marijuana and how they communicate openly with their children about the benefits and potential pitfalls.

We also just received some samples of our new merchandise, and they look fantastic. We’re hoping to launch the e-commerce section of our website within the next two weeks, so stay tuned.

Thank you for checking us out, and as always, don’t forget to subscribe and follow the podcast on your favorite podcast platform.

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