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Relationship Goals

As I get older, I tend to reflect on a lot of things and think about how I want my future to look. Relationships are definitely one of the major things that I reflect upon and think about. For instance, I think about being single vs. being in a long-term relationship, or even married for that matter. I often time waffle back and forth on which life I would prefer. Being single definitely has its pros and cons. As a single man, I enjoy my freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I like being able to make decisions without consulting with a significant other. On the other hand, being single also comes with a level of loneliness that can be less than desired.

There are times when I’m out and see couples that simply don’t look happy together. Those are the times when I think to myself that I’m good all by myself. Then there are times when I see happy couples enjoying each other and enjoying life together. These visuals make me long for a relationship and the companionship of a mate. As I said earlier, I waffle back and forth between these two lifestyles. There has to be a happy median between the carefree single life and the committed relationship.

So that leads me back to my reflection upon relationships and why I feel they are one of the most important things in life. I believe we were made to have relationships with each other. No man or woman is meant to live alone. I believe life is about establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, as well as separating and learning from unhealthy ones. Relationships are important and beneficial to our overall growth as human beings.

With that said, this weekend we’re hosting a Livestream episode of the podcast with 3 couples discussing relationships. We’ll cover various topics from maintaining a healthy relationship, keeping the romance alive and spicy, managing money within the relationship, and expressing and responding to love languages. We’re looking forward to having great conversations around these topics and more. Hopefully, this discussion can help some singles looking for that healthy relationship, as well as some folks currently struggling with their relationships. It should be interesting and of course fun as well. So tune in this Sunday, check us out, and interact with questions and comments during the show. Links to the show are below.

See you next time,

Jason and Frank

Kings Can Move On

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