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Is Marriage Dead?

Is marriage dead? That may sound like an extreme question to ask, but worth asking nonetheless. The real question is actually, is traditional marriage dead? The ideals of marriage and family have been around for centuries. Little girls being raised with the idea of growing up someday and finding a husband and building a family. Little boys being taught that their role is to find a wife, be the provider, and caretaker of the family and home. This has been the traditional idea of marriage since the beginning of time.

The times have changed a lot over the years, and so have people’s perspectives on marriage and family. Hell, the old-school view of what marriage looks like has even changed. Many, many years ago, marriage was only recognized as a union between a man and a woman. Now same-sex unions are recognized as lawful marriages. I even read an article about a man in China marrying a robot that he built himself, but I digress.

Let’s get back to the original question. Is marriage dead? I was out over the weekend watching football and having some cold beverages. While enjoying the day of football, I ended up in the middle of a discussion between a man and woman over dating and marriage. The man had never been married and has a pretty bleak outlook on dating and the idea of marriage. The woman has been married and divorced once, and also has a pretty bleak outlook on marriage. She mentioned that she has no intention of ever getting married again because she sees no point in it. Throughout her marriage, she had been a housewife and mother to their children. Since divorcing, she has become a career woman making good money and feels she no longer needs a man. Now that’s a whole other discussion, but I’ll keep it moving.

The man stated that he thinks marriage is a thing of the past and the traditional roles of men and women have become blurred. He’s of the opinion that so many women are independently thriving today, that they’re not seeking to find a husband, settle down and live the traditional married life.

In conversations I’ve had with other men and women, I’ve heard people talk about alternatives to traditional marriage. There’s the idea of having a life partner without the legal constraints of marriage. There’s also the polyamorous lifestyle, where you have multiple serious relationships at the same time, and everyone is fully aware of the other relationships. Then you have the polygamist lifestyle, where a man takes on multiple wives. This lifestyle isn’t a new one, but it is gaining more popularity these days. All I’m saying is there are options and alternatives to what we grew up believing a traditional marriage looked like.

So is marriage dead? I don’t know if it is or isn’t. My parents have been married for 40 years, and appear to be very happy. Of course, they’re from a different era in time as well. My personal opinion is that marriage isn’t for everyone. People will still seek out husbands and wives and the happily ever after. While others will continue seeking out alternatives to this traditional union. It is an interesting question though.

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